December 19, 2011
Can’t Do It.

Seriously, dude, who taught you the word “can’t?” Now instead of just trying over and over and over, and grunting and mustering and fiddling and fidgeting, you try one single lousy time and then say “can’t do it.” It’s pretty annoying, sir. I tell you, “yes you can, try again.” You’ve kinda started catching on so that now, when you actually do do it, you say “yes, you can.” It’s pretty funny.

You’re getting better with pronouns, too. You say “yours” correctly, but you still confuse “you” and “me.” 

Another cute response is when we go down for a nap, I say “okay, no pee pee in the bed, if you wake up and you need to go pee pee, you gotta wait, wait. then what do you do?” And you say, “tell mommy!”

Daddy made up a game yesterday called “run hug.” He was lying on the couch. You were with me at the dining room table. He told you to give him a run hug. You said ready, set, go and ran to the couch. The mattress was on the floor in front of the couch because we were playing jump earlier, so you tripped on it and flew into his arms. Then he told you to back up again and give him a run kiss. Ready, set, go! So awesome! I thought it was a “thing” you guys did, but daddy said he made it up on the spot. No need to explain the game, you immediately understood what he meant and complied accordingly.