December 27, 2011
Xmas Festivities.

Wow, what a great, long weekend. Let me catch you up on what we all did.

Thursday, Dec. 22., your dad and I went to a party at a bar downtown. It was so nice having a proper date night. We got dressed up, and Papa came over to put you to bed and be there while you slept.

Friday, Dec. 23, we had a dinner date with another couple and went to a Celebrate Human Light party. Another fun, grown-up evening. The atheist xmas party was neat. A choir sang, and a comedian performed. They had a gingerbread “lighthouse” and an xmas “tree of knowledge.” There were pinball machines in the garage and Dance, Dance Revolution in the living room. I told your dad it reminded me of crashing a house party in college - you don’t know anyone, no one else knows anyone, but you try to just blend in anyway.

Saturday, Dec. 24, we did our first round of grocery shopping. We had to go to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. We got the house and food ready for Candle Night. Meme and Pepe came over, and we lit all the candles and listened to Christmas music. Mimi and Papa stopped by later. You got all wound up, and it took over an hour to get you to bed.

Sunday, Dec. 25, we brought waffle stuff over to Meme and Pepe’s house. Mommy blew it with the neighbor who had been hiding a bike for her daughter in Meme and Pepe’s garage. I totally forgot about the whole Santa thing, oops. Completely innocent mistake, I swear.

Meme and Pepe got you a train set that had a million pieces. Daddy tried to put it together while you played with your “backaball” hoop and bowling set. Uncle Christian and Gina came, too. Then GiGi and Aunt Sandy stopped by. You totally understand the idea of presents and opening them up.

Then we went home to unload presents, get you down for a nap, and cook for Christmas dinner. You never stay asleep after the drive back from Meme and Pepe’s, so daddy took you over to Mimi and Papa’s so that I could cook the vegan dishes.

Mimi had 17 people over for Christmas dinner. Harrison was there to play with you, and baby Owen was there too. You got another basketball/football set, so the men took turns helping you dunk. After dinner, we played games and ate dessert. You were all wound up again, but this time you fell asleep a lot quicker.

On Monday, Dec. 26., we had planned to have people over. But it was kinda last minute, and everyone already had plans. We went to Mimi’s for breakfast so that daddy could sleep (and clean the house) and so that we could visit with Owen. You like the baby but got jealous when he was taking a nap on my chest.

We came home, and daddy had put together your train set on the train table I bought you about 8 months ago. You played all by yourself in your room for a long time. That was nice. Daddy made tea, and I watched Netflix on the couch by myself. Ah, lovely. Then you took a two and a half-hour nap!!! You woke up and immediately started playing with trains again. So funny.

Overall, you had such a great Christmas. You loved all the songs. You can sing bits and pieces of the “12 Days of Christmas” and “Jingle Bells.” You love listening to “Dominick the Donkey” over and over but never caught on to the chorus. You totally get presents and ripping them open. You said thank you for your gifts when reminded.

You loved helping daddy decorate the tree and put up lights. You turned on the candles (electric) and plugged in the lights every night. Then you went around turning them off and unplugging them before bed. We took you to see lights a few times, and just driving through neighborhoods we would point them out. You saw ice skating. You saw the big tree with elves at the mall. I think you had your picture taken with Frosty at gymnastics class, and you saw the mall Santa from a distance. You got a ton of clothes and toys.

Daddy let you eat turkey at Christmas dinner (even though at Thanksgiving dinner he said no). You were in a great mood despite missing bedtime four days in a row and despite all the (accidental) food reactions you were going through. We had a few potty accidents because of all the excitement and because of the food sensitivities. You actually barely ate a thing for three whole days and could hardly be bothered to interrupt whatever you were doing to go potty.

Pretty awesome Christmas, can’t wait for next year.