January 6, 2012

Well, you got sick. Two days ago you threw up around 6 am. First time that’s ever happened to you (except for when you had colic and used to throw up breastmilk from crying so hard - aw, my poor thing).

Daddy was in bed with you. I had moved to your room about an hour before that with cramps. I heard him take you to the bathroom, so I got up. You were crying and confused. I got in the shower with you to clean you up. I got in bed with you to try to get you back to sleep. Then daddy got sick. I called work to tell them I’d stay home for the morning until daddy could watch you. Then I got sick. You followed me to the bathroom, and you got sick again. I think it was a natural reaction to seeing me throwing up. You kept saying “no” and didn’t know what was happening. I put you on my lap on the stool in front of the toilet and told you to just open your mouth. You didn’t want to let it happen. Poor thing.

We cleaned you up again, and you were totally fine after that. Daddy and I were sick the whole rest of the day, so Meme and Pepe came and got you. You had a fun day with them. Daddy and I missed you.

You had some loose poop the next morning, but it was all in the toilet. No ooky diapers. Phew.

Daddy gave you tofu the next day to see how your soy sensitivity is doing. You got spots, and it was probably too soon after being sick to test anything out. Oh well, at least we know we still need to hold off. You were really cranky the whole rest of the day after the tofu. Poor thing.

Well, so, you’ve been sick now. Check. You’ve still never really had a cold I don’t think. You had unexplained hives with a pretty high fever twice when you were 6-7 mos old before we figured out your food sensitivities.┬áBut you’re an amazingly healthy kid dude. You need to eat more and nurse less, but we’re working on it.