January 24, 2012
Breastfeeding at two and no signs of stopping…

You know how to say: “milk” (nulk), “breast,” “other side,” “more nulk,” “this side,” “that side,” “try again” (when i pop him off to re-latch), “hand” (to hold my opposite breast, “hold it” (when I tell him to stop playing with the opposite breast and just rest his hand there), “mommy nulk,” “nulk necklace,” “empty,” “all gone,” “switch sides,” “scoot down,” “down there” (points to my nipple to show where the milk comes from), “more later,” “not right now,” “yes right now,” and WAY too many more words related to breastfeeding.

Sorry buddy, but I think the nicest way to wean you will be to wait until mommy is pregnant again and hope that the taste changes and you won’t like it anymore. I’m okay with breastfeeding two babies at the same time, but we aren’t spacing you and your future sibling that close together in age. Plus, mommy just really wants her body back for a little while before she has to turn it over to your future little brother or sister for another three years.

I tried to institute a “milk necklace” policy after we got back from Hawaii. We got these cool koa nuts leis at the luau. Daddy got one, and I got one. So I put one in the pocket of the rocking chair at home and the other in my purse for when we’re not at home. I try to tell you that we can’t have milk unless mommy is wearing the necklace. You totally got it after the very first time. And now every time you want milk, you say milk necklace and you go find it and put it over my head. You play with it while you’re nursing, and that keeps you from asking to hold my opposite breast with your free hand. Problem is you twist up so that I end up choking. Also, you have no concept of mommy saying no to the milk necklace. You know the milk necklace is required for nursing, but you don’t understand why I wouldn’t have it on me at all times or why I wouldn’t want to put it on at that particular moment. Oh well.