February 10, 2012
My New Hours.

The hours at my new job are 9 to 5, so that has been pretty cool for us. I still get up by 6:30, but I wake you up, too, instead of letting you sleep in with daddy. I get almost two full hours with you before I have to leave. We get you out of your ooky diaper. You watch me get ready. We put on make-up. We make smoothies, which mommy never got to do before because of the noise. I can do a few chores. You play in your room or help me, or just run back and forth. I try to keep you quiet while daddy sleeps, but you never get it. When it’s getting close to when I have to leave, we wake daddy up together. He gets up so you can play trains together in your room. Instead of you clinging to my leg sobbing, you kiss me and hug me and practically shove me out the door. You wave bye-bye and at the very last second, you give a fake whine for me not to go. But then I close the door and can hear you run back to your room to play trains with daddy.

I get home later in the evenings, but you seem to be doing okay with that as well. Except on the days when I have to pick you up because the last thing you want to do after I’ve been gone all day is get in your carseat and be separated from me. Other than that, we do more chores, cook dinner, and play play play. We get ready for bed together. You’re not really going to sleep lately until about 9 pm even though your’e not napping particularly longer than usual. So I hope you’re getting enough total hours of sleep. You seem happy and healthy, and that’s usually all that matters.