March 2, 2012

The thing that stands out most for me right now is your language skills. I think I wrote previously about pronouns, and oh man, are you getting the hang of those. You sometimes confuse “I” and “my,” as in “my want it.” But you definitely use “I” a whole lot more, especially when demanding or exclaiming something. “I want it,” and “I want mommy” are most common. But you also just basically fill in phrases you already know to make them into full sentences.

You’re also learning to say “me” instead of you, but more out of repetition than recognition, as in “hold me” instead of “hold you.” 

And you’re beginning to experiment with third-person pronouns such as “she” and “her.” That part is quite fascinating really.

You’re also beginning to memorize books. Mimi found a bunch of Mercer Mayer books in the back closet, and you fell in love with them right away. Your favorite is When I Get Bigger, and you can flip to the page with the picture of the bus station and recite, “I’ll go on a bus to Grandma and Grandpa’s.” You’re also pretty obsessed with The Mitten, and you can recite certain pages of that one by heart. It’s awesome that you want us to read to you over and over, and we feel bad putting limits on the number of books we read before turning out the light at night. Luckily, you get read to all day long.

Prepositions are coming along as well, again, mostly from repetition. You know lots of pronouns, of course, but when forming full sentences you sometimes leave them out. One game you absolutely love to play is “Where’s Max?” But at this age, you are the one doing the narrating. You run stand behind my back and lean over my shoulders and say, “Where’s Max?” And I repeat it. Then you say, “is he under blankie?” And I repeat it. Then you say, “noooo. Is he under pillow?” And I repeat. We do this for “under the couch” and “behind the rocking chair,” until finally you say, “I don’t know” and shrug your shoulders with your hands up. And I do the same thing. Then you slowly creep around one side of my back until your face is up in my face. And you giggle and laugh and get such a kick out of it. And then it starts all over.

Oh, and you’re (finally?) learning colors. I say “finally” because a lot of your friends have known their colors for quite some time. And whenever we tried to ask you, I would just laugh and say you’ll learn them eventually but no rush. You know your ABCs and lots of other things by heart, so who cares if you don’t know your colors yet? At this point, sometimes you get it right, and sometimes you don’t. But if we correct you, you say, “OH YEAH, orange!” Actually, you say “OH YEAH” quite a bit. Like if you keep asking for daddy even though I’ve told you a dozen times he’s at the gym, you’ll repeat “OH YEAH, daddy’s at the gym” over and over and over.

So anyway, you can recognize things that are the same color, like finding all the blue cars. But sometimes if we just openly ask, what color is this, you get it right a lot more often now.

We play hide-and-seek with you, but you don’t really get it yet. You like to count, but sometimes you use your hands to cover your mouth instead of your eyes. And you follow us when we go to hide.

We’ve also incorporated some more German phrases into every day life, such as gesundheit, good morning, no thank you, kiss please, yummy, and good night. 

As far as pottying and nursing, you like to pee standing up over your frog potty and hold your penis. And you’re aim is pretty good except for the beginning… er… plus, we just prefer you to sit on the big potty. You want to hold your penis then, too, and we have to convince you that it’s not necessary when you’re sitting down. You’re nursing less and less during the day, but you’re still pretty into it at night.

We have our first overnight trip away from you, and you slept 11 hours straight and woke up with a dry diaper. We tried repeating it at home, but you just crawled out of bed looking for me. Last night I was able to whisper “go back to sleep” twice without you fully waking up, and you flopped over and went back to sleep. But that was only twice out of about five times you woke up. Still, I’m pretty sure your diaper was dry this morning. You/we’ll get there, I’m not worried.